Viburnum Opulus

Fields of Usage and Benefits:

American medical department United States Pharmacopoeia has approved this substance a few years ago. Its liquid abstract is produced in combined tincture and combined elixer forms and it is used triumphantly against on all kinds of nervous ilnesses, weaknesses, cramps, spasms, seizures, tetanus also heart conditions, throbbing, and arthritis.

Source: www.botanical.com


Also the Fruit of Viburnum Opulus is good for gallbladder and some liver related illnesses.


Cramp bark is taken from the wild form of the guelder rose, which is a small tree with creamy flowers that grows on chalky soils.


A decoction, tincture, or capsules are useful for any sort of cramping pains including leg cramps, colic, period pains, muscle spasm, and shoulder and neck tension. Back pain usually involves an element of muscle spasm and it often improves dramatically.

The cream is useful for the same symptoms when massaged in gently.


For bedwetting associated with tension and anxiety.

Medicinal actions & uses: relaxant, anti-spasmodic, astringent, sedative, diuretic. Menstrual cramps, muscle cramps, early labour, miscarriage, pain, difficulty urinating, bowel cramps (IBS), diarrhoea, child enuresis (bedwetting), spasmodic coughing, asthma, arthritis, muscle strain, seizures, high blood pressure. Cramp bark is considered a uterine decongestant. Signs of uterine congestion include bloating, cramping before menstruation as well as delayed menses. It can also be a pattern associated with endometriosis, fibroids and ovarian cysts. To relieve painful menstrual cramps cramp bark seems to work best if taken 1-2 days before cramping starts but can also be taken as needed. Cramp bark combines well with bearberry for bladder infections with painful cramping and frequent urination with little passed. Cramp bark can also relieve the pain of cramping that originates in the bowel. This is especially useful for more chronic conditions like IBS.


Threatment of Kidney and Kidney Stone:

The fruit of Viburnum Opulus is very often used for thratment of kidney and passing kidney stones in society. All kinds of kidney stones are calcium salt which does not melt in water. There is no medicine for melting this substance in its place, so to melt it down sound waves and lasers are used to break it down physically and moving it and using this way the stone is tried to be dumped out of the body (another way is an open surgery). And these methods gives pain and gripes to the patient also have side effects. On the other hand Viburnum Opulus exterminates the kidney stone not breaking into pieces physcially like in other methods (laser etc…) it chemically dissolves the stone. Because of this matter the patient feels no pain while the process of dissolving and dumping the stones. Duration of creation stones process conversly and the stone melts completely and it is dumped as a chemical substance through urinary. 8 kg Viburnum Opulus can melt down 6-8 mm kidney stone in one week. Also Viburnum Opulus is good for kidney slothfulnesses and some of kidney cysts.

Note: Because of its stifness of crystallized kind of kidney stone laser can not break it and Viburnum Opulus also is not effective on melting down that kind of kidney stone. The risk of encounter this kind of stone s %1-2. 

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